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We are the most trusted engine replacement service in the UK, with 10 Years of Experience we have thousands of satisfied customers on our credit.

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All the replacement engines sold by us, whether used or reconditioned units, come with free warranty for your peace of mind.

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We can recover your broken vehicle from your door or road and do all the engine repair works, delivery also available.

Highly effective Audi A6 reconditioned engines for sale

It is a well-known fact that Audi A6 is a quite famous car among the community of car owners. It is also a fact that Audi A6 enjoys all this popularity due to its engine performance. But what if your Audi A6 engine ceases to perform? Will you still be able to enjoy its ride? Well the answer is quite obvious i.e. no. Audi A6 Engine failure can make you worry a lot if you are not aware of Diesel Engine R Us. Diesel Engine R Us is one of the best Audi engine replacement service providers around at cheapest rates with free warranty.

Audi A6  Engine
Engine for Audi A6
Reconditioned Audi A6 Engine
Used Audi A6 Engine

Ready to fit A6 Engines in Stock

If unfortunately, your Audi A6 engine is not working anymore, you do not have to spend your precious time in search of used and rebuilt Audi A6 engines across the internet. Instead, you are exactly where you should be. We offer the paramount reconditioned engines of Audi A6 for sale at cheapest rates. Engine availability is not a problem as Diesel Engine R Us has plenty of engines at their disposal.

Audi A6 Engine Supply and Fit service

 The matter which arises at such time of trouble is the supplying and fitting of the engine. But fortunately you have one less reason to worry since Diesel Engine R Us offers supply and fit service too. Now you can order Audi A6 engine anywhere across UK. In addition to that, we offer fitting service at our state of the art latest garage. Our technicians and mechanics are adept at fitting your Audi A6 engine in the most professional way.

We supply all Audi A6 Engines for the following years

1997 (P/R reg plate)
1998 (R/S reg plate)
1999 (T/V reg plate)
2000 (W/X reg plate)
2001 (Y/51 reg plate)
2002 (02/52 reg plate)
2003 (03/53 reg plate)
2004 (04/54 reg plate)
2005 (05/55 reg plate)
2006 (06/56 reg plate)
2007 (07/57 reg plate)
2008 (08/58 reg plate)
2009 (09/59 reg plate)
2010 (10/60 reg plate)
2011 (11/61 reg plate)
2012 (12/62 reg plate)
2013 (13/63 reg plate)
2014 (14/64 reg plate)
2015 (15/65 reg plate)
So if your A6 is registered in these years and you are looking for a replacement engine, you are at the right place.

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